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Simon is experienced in different kinds of creative writing. Apart from writing for the stage and radio, he is also a poet, novelist and translator.

Simon Wu 胡智權, Outloud, Outloud Too, poetry, anthology, Hong Kong

Poetry: Outloud and Outloud 2

Outloud is an anthology of Hong Kong poets who write in English:


  • Simon's poems, "Connection" and "Urban Dawn", are collected in Outloud Too, MCCM Creations, 2014


  • Simon's poems, "A Trinity", "Red" and "Christine, the Christmas Tree" are collected in Outloud, Xtraloud Press, 2002

Novel: Curse of the Five Elements

Simon Wu 胡智權, novel, Curse of the Five Elements, writer

The Northern Sung Dynasty, 11th century China.  In the capital, Kaifeng, a fire breaks out in White Horse Mansion after the wedding celebrations of the all-powerful Lord Auyang Chi. Lord Auyang is found murdered and his bride disappears. Judge Bao, the most renowned investigator in the kingdom, takes on the case. But this first murder is followed by another, then another and another: all the victims are members of the Auyang family or its household, and each death is connected to one of the five Chinese elements – metal, wood, water, fire, earth.  Is there, as rumoured, a curse on the family? As he pursues his enquiries, Judge Bao uncovers mysterious connections with his own family history. Is he, the investigator, somehow caught up in the web of crime? With implacable logic and determination Judge Bao gets closer and closer to solving a mystery that will shake the whole Sung Dynasty and, at the same time, pour light on a hidden secret in his own past.


Written in the style of the ancient Kungfu novels, with investigative methods based on Sung Ci’s Sung Dynasty book of forensic science, ‘The Curse of the Five Elements’ weaves together real facts, people and places in a labyrinthine mystery that moves towards a startling revelation.

Roy Williams
Simon Wu 胡智權, Only one Way Lee, Simon Wu, Roy Williams

Translation: Roy Williams' "There's Only One Wayne Lee

Simon has translated Roy Williams' There’s Only One Wayne Lee from English to Chinese for the Lumenis Theatre for performance at the Beijing International Fringe Festival on 16-18 September 2011.


Translation: Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett

Simon has translated and adapted Alan Bennett’s Habeas Corpus 裝胸作勢 from English to Cantonese performed by Energetic Family Company at Ngau Chi Wan Civil Centre in 1991.

裝胸作勢, Simon Wu 胡智權, translator, playwright

Aria Lyrics Translator: Turandot Reimagined - Opera Project

Imagine Puccini's iconic opera re-set in ancient China in the exciting times of Marco Polo and Kublai Khan. Theatre director Jonathan Man and composer Ruth Chan are working in association with New Theatre Royal Portsmouth on a research and development process to explore this idea. The vision for the future is for a community project to encourage people to work with professional artists and to learn more about Chinese culture.

Central to the project is the experimenting on new styles authentic to the Yuen dynasty China, but without losing the essence of Puccini (which makes this opera fabulous...!)

This R&D has been possible with the kind support of Arts Council England and University of Michigan.

Simon Wu 胡智權, Turandot Reimagined, lyrics translator, playwright
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