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Born in Hong Kong, Simon Wu, formerly a theatre and dance critic for SCMP, is a writer for the theatre, radio and film. Simon’s plays have been performed in Hong Kong and in London and also showcased at Soho Theatre, Greenwich Theatre, Oval House, Tara Arts and the Decibel Festival.  His play, OIKOS, was published by the UK play publisher, Oberon Books. 


His short plays have been selected for the Dim Sum Nights, a short play festival in two consecutive years and both have been selected by the audience as the most popular plays and one of them has been taken on UK tour by the Yellow Earth Theatre Company in 2012.


He was given a Peggy Ramsay grant for his writing in the UK and recently a member invited to participate at the Critical Mass workshop organized by the Royal Court.  He was also invited to be one of the speakers at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2012.

Simon Wu 胡智權, playwright, screenwriter, 胡智權, 編劇, Hong Kong, London

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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