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Simon's screenplays have been awarded funding or shortlisted for production on many occasions.


Merry Go Round (directed by Shan Ng)

Merry Go Round, Simon Wu 胡智權, 氹氹轉, Shan Ng, Award

A romantic comedy with a twist, set in a launderette and on a housing estate. A cheeky tale of girl wants boy with a surprise ending.


Refreshingly different from the usual in your face gloom of urban tales, Merry-Go-Round is a comedy about ordinary people – set in Edmonton Green, this short film is a visual narrative with a funky soundtrack which pops along at a brisk rate and cannot fail to please.


Merry-Go-Round was funded by Enfield Film Fund and was nominated for Best Local Film in the Wood Green Independent Short Film Festival in 2008 and screened at BFI in 2009.

Spirit Money

Spirit Money, Simon Wu 胡智權

Chosen to be part of the Channel 4 and Wrap X film project, BREAKOUT.  Simon’s filmscript, Spirit Money, has reached the final stage of the competition.


The Logline


A black teenage boy accidentally picks up an alien coin and enters the spirit world of a recently murdered kung fu master. To help the master’s spirit find peace the boy trains for, fights and wins an epic martial arts battle with the master’s nemesis.



Simon’s film, SPIRIT MONEY, is a kung fu ghost story set in the East End of London. The main characters are, LEROY – an Afro-Caribbean teenager and MING – an older Chinese kung fu master. SPIRIT MONEY is a fast paced action film with a strong story line, vivid and contrasting characters and an explosive double-climax ending… its target audience are in the 13 to 35 age range.


SPIRIT MONEY is a film about a boy and a ghost… both wander the streets in search of connection…. and both, in the end, find resolution through each other.


A fast-paced action kung fu ghost story with a deep message, SPIRIT MONEY should leave audiences on both a physical and spiritual high.

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